McCall Restoration Services is based in Western North Carolina. Owned and operated by Tim McCall, we offer a comprehensive range of restoration and conservation services for antique and fine furniture and wooden artifacts throughout Western North Carolina and the South-East region. These range from pre-treatment examination of objects through to treatment and conservation across a wide range of craft applications. Full written and photo documentation is also available upon request.

McCall Restoration Services offers a wide range of options for clients wishing to enhance, preserve and maintain their antique collection. These include structural repairs, surface finish conservation treatments and restoration of damaged or missing decorative elements as needed using appropriate historic methods and materials. This latter may also include selective removal of prior unsuitable finish restoration work and replacing with period correct materials.

In addition to period antique restoration, we also restore more modern pieces; examples range from structural repairs and replacing worn finishes to upgrading modern generic factory finishes such as satin lacquer with more appealing hand finishes. Often this will greatly enhance modern reproductions and help them blend with existing antiques

Our treatment approach is guided by the ethical guidelines of the American Institute for Conservation and includes abiding by the original intent and history of the object, preserving original material wherever possible and ensuring that treatments do not constrict or preclude future restorations or repairs. Conservation treatments aim for a minimally intrusive approach wherever feasible.

We can be reached by phone at 828.301.3480 or by email at contact@mccallrestoration.com.

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